Sunday, August 3, 2008

online pharmacies are cheaper

After Blue Cross and Blue Shield pays, I still owe $440/ month for one medication at my local WalMart for my daughter's anti-seizure medication. There are online pharmacies that are only $49 / month. Also, other countries have generic available whereas the US still requires brand name of certain medications. It is frightening to think of the fraud happens with online pharmacies. It is difficult to know who to trust.
My daughter wants to go through chelation therapy, but we have to wait until she finishes college I think because I don't want her to have seizures during the process. We are already changing anti-seizure medications which is scary enough.

Tuesday, July 8, 2008


Please leave a comment if you have experience with or knowledge of chelation. I am concerned about the anti-seizure medication being 'washed away' with the other toxins from the Gardasil shot. It seems to me there is a risk of seizure activity increase without the anti-seizure medication at it's full strength. I want to be fully informed in order to make an educated decision regarding the risks involved. It seems to me it is a hurdle that needs to be jumped, but not sure I want to risk the dangers.

Monday, June 30, 2008

anti-seizure medications to counteract Gardasil induced seizures

As a result of the gardasil adverse reactions, my daughter has to take anti-seizure medicine three times a day for the rest of her life according to the doctors. I hated to hear this. Sometimes medications have worse side effects. It has been six months now since her first seizure and she is still having seizures. A neurologist recently told us the medication she is on will cause her cerebellum to shrink as well as osteoperosis (not to mention lowering of her IQ, gum disease / dental and other problems). She currently takes dilantin because it comes in generic. The doctors are recommending another medication that costs $330/ month (insurance won't pay and there is no generic). I am broke from paying all the other bills. MRIs, EEGs, and neurologists are not cheap. Health insurance is not very helpful. Dilantin is only $27 / month. I am selling my car and looking for another job to try to afford the medication my daughter needs. If anyone knows of a fund to help with this, please let me know. Everytime my emotions start to bring me to tears over all of this, I become angry again over this whole ordeal. I am seeking any help I can get for my daughter. I am willing to look at holistic and alternative healing methods. If anyone has any ideas, please post a comment. Thank you!

Tuesday, June 24, 2008

New Blog

Blogging is new for me, but I am passionate about getting help for my daughter and therefore willing to do anything for her. I am glad I am learning how to blog from a graduate class I am taking. Our children have blogged since they were able to type on a keyboard, but we adults were busy with our jobs and family. Here is a website of another family with the adverse reactions to the Gardasil vaccine ( I left a blog on many sites and written letters to people who I thought coul help and so far there has been no response. I will not stop until I get the help my daughter needs. I think the drug company should pay for my daughter's doctor bills. The MRIs, EEGs and medication is expensive and the insurance has a ridiculous deductible and doesn't cover everything. Not to mention, the time lost from work having to go all to the doctors' (neurologists, testing, follow up) visits while they try to figure out what to do. I want my daughter back the way she was before the vaccine.

Tuesday, June 17, 2008

Gardasil vaccine warning

My daughter received her last Gardasil vaccine, when she was 17 years old, on October 23, 2007. A month later, December 4, 2007 she had a seizure which resulted in waking up in an ambulance. She continues to have seizures even though she takes anti- seizure medication three times a day. She has memory loss and has dropped from being a straight A student to having a GPA of 1.75. The University of North Texas is threatening to kick her out of school because of her recent low grades. She had another seizure last week. We have been to three neurologists. Yesterday, she had a second MRI and is scheduled for an EEG next week. She is not the only one having these symptoms. Eight young girls have died from the Gardasil injection in the past year. Governor Rick Perry was trying to pass a Texas law requiring young school girls to get this vaccine. Fortunately it did not pass. This serious of three shots cost $900 ($300 each). The MRIs are not cheap and it has been a task trying to get her case reported to the FDA to count as a "statistic" because the vaccine adverse reaction reporting form required the manufacturer# and lot # from the bottle she was injected with. Only the nurse or doctor might have this type of information if they wrote it down in the chart and if the patient is able to returnt to the same doctor who administered the injection. My daughter had graduated from high school a year early in an accelerated program. She had previously been in a gifted and talented program. Now, I fear for her future. She was away from home living in the college dorms when the first seizure occurred. I feel helpless as a mother, but hope this blog will reach someone and save "one more" from going through the same problems so many others have experienced. Please help stop administering this vaccine until further testing has been done. If there are others out there who have had adverse reactions or suddenly started having seizures and haven't made the connection yet, please report your case to the FDA as soon as possible.